The 10 best non-dairy dairy products, cheeses, creams, and more to try in 2021

In 2009, long before I was “plant-based”, vegan and all “impossible”, I became vegan. As a longtime vegetarian with cheese as the main food group, it was finally time to part with it. I love to eat. I’ve cooked and baked since I could see over the stove. The process is meditative, tactile, calming, and a creative approach. In the beginning I was lost without my favorite ingredients adding to the taste. a spicy feta, a creamy Greek yogurt or a funky sour buttermilk. And all the simple breakfast with scrambled eggs, fruit and yogurt and bread and butter was also off the table.

In those early days, my diet was a confused mix of mostly vegetables, chickpeas, and too much gelatin-free sweets. I pretended not to miss the creaminess of ice cream and soft french brie. There were a few “dairy products” at grocery stores that I tried, but they were full of strange chemicals and reminded me of something closer to gum than processed cheese. Then about five years ago … something changed. There were options like never before. Ice cream, yoghurt, milk, butter, made from every nut (including coconut), seeds, and beans imaginable, all at my local grocery store! I dipped my toe back in and tried them, pretty much all of them, and haven’t stopped since.

Thanks to these products, I can now say that I will never miss this spicy feta or a sweet, creamy scoop of ice cream. Best of all, most of these products are available nationwide at Whole Foods, other major grocers, or can be ordered online for home delivery. It’s never been easier to be vegan!

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