Frozen Gluten-Free Pizza from this classic brand is finally here

Great news for people who need a gluten-free and pizza-rich diet: DiGiorno has just launched a gluten-free frozen pizza with four types of cheese and hot peppers. The brand says these new cakes are “as delicious as DiGiorno’s classic gluten-free hand-tossed crust pizza”.

The crust is made from a gluten-free batter that uses wheat starch as the main ingredient instead of traditional wheat flour. Wheat starch is made by processing the wheat grain to remove gluten, a protein that people with celiac disease cannot tolerate. (Like all foods labeled “gluten-free”, products made from wheat starch must contain less than 20 ppm gluten. according to the Food and Drug Administration. Although wheat starch products labeled gluten free may contain a very small amount of gluten, they are generally considered suitable for people who cannot eat gluten.

It’s worth noting that this new crust represents a complete overhaul of the brand’s first gluten-free offerings (launched in 2017 and no longer available) if you’ve tried DiGiorno’s gluten-free cakes before and weren’t particularly impressed. These pizzas had an ultra-thin crust, and the batter was mainly made from rice flour, rice starch, and potato starch.

Aside from the unconventional crust, the new pizzas are pretty traditional. Both cakes are topped with tomato sauce and partially skimmed mozzarella cheese. The four-cheese flavor consists of a mix of three Italian hard cheeses (Parmesan, Asiago and Romano), while the pepperoni variety is topped with pepperoni slices made from a combination of pork, chicken, and beef. These cook just as quickly and easily as the original varieties: just put them in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 13 to 14 minutes.

In terms of nutrition, both flavors have a good chunk of protein per serving (1/5 of the pizza). There are 9 grams of protein per serving of the cheese and 10 grams of the hot peppers. Combine a few slices with a side salad and / or a cold glass of gluten-free beer for a comfortable and delicious midweek dinner.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect considering that the past year has been tremendous for frozen food sales in the US – and frozen pizza in particular. according to Food Business News– when people were burned out cooking and stocked up on ready meals. The suggested retail price is $ 9.99. This is a few dollars more than most other DiGiorno cakes, but is on par with other brands of gluten-free frozen pizzas. Selected target stores will start wearing the cakes starting this month. The pizzas will also be available through (and third-party fulfillment platforms such as Instacart) in some regions by the end of the month. More national and regional retailers will be added later in 2021.


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