25 Best Healthy Grocery Delivery Services by 2021

Good for: People who love to have options.

The details: Home Chef is one of the most popular meal set delivery services, and it’s not hard to see why: the brand offers one of the most customizable meal sets, and doesn’t just limit itself to kits of fresh ingredients that you can make at home or reheatable single-pan meals. You have the option to choose based on your needs and can even narrow down your dietary preferences whether you want to cut shellfish or go gluten-free. There is the option of choosing meals “ready in 15 minutes” if you really don’t have time, as well as a menu for starter salads or “premium” meals from the brand’s culinary collection that will make you feel at home feel gourmet food.

Recipes are often simple but satisfying, like hearty steak and potatoes, sesame chicken and salmon bagels, but also international products like Vietnamese pork skewers and Cuban steak burritos. Chef’s memberships are also flexible in case you change your mind or want to hit the break. You can cancel an order or take a break whenever you want. It takes no more than 30 minutes to put all the dishes together. Easy-to-follow recipe cards show you how to prepare everything. If you are concerned about the waste associated with a weekly meal set, all ingredients come in recyclable packaging. Please refer to the website for further instructions on exactly how to dispose of them. (Want to learn more about Home Chef? One of our editors shares her experience with this healthy meal kit in her in-depth Home Chef report.)

Special diet options: The recipes include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Plus, you can forego having wheat, dairy, soy, red meat, nuts, and more in your meals.

Availability: Nationwide, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Customer rating: We had our first meal with the chef tonight. Our 20 year old son, not a chef, followed the instructions for shrimp. He chopped up bok choy and sprinkled spices and browned shrimp like a pro. The meals were sent beautifully. The product looks good. The protein was great. We couldn’t have got better food if we had gone to a restaurant. Since we can’t really go to restaurants right now, it is a pleasure to have restaurant quality food at home prepared by a true amateur. And he had fun doing it! Tacos tomorrow, scallops the next day, who knows next week? – –Chris

Costs: $ 10 per serving for dinner and $ 8 per serving for lunch. Shipping is free on orders over $ 40 and $ 10 otherwise.

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